Lagoon with a view is the beginning of a journey into the unknown. A journey of exploration, discovery and adventure. Through us you can witness the beauty and joy that only travelling the world offers. Or maybe even get inspired to start your own journey.

We are Tilbe and Matt, a couple from a little place called London. Together since our sweet 16, we have always tried to make our every minute together an adventure! Very soon realised we wanted to see more, learn more and experience more!

Like most, we spent years studying and more years working yet always made time for short holidays and have so far visited 10 countries together. Amongst all the craze we tied the knot and our wonderful honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro confirmed that long term travelling was the only option for us! A few more years on, here we are, taking the plunge!

We are leaving our first love London behind along with our jobs and all our belongings. We will have the bags on our backs, each other, you guys and the whole world to explore. What more could we need?

We are going to share every step of our journey with you, from the highest highs to the lowest lows and everything in between. We hope that we can inspire many more who are thinking of travelling. Our stories and advice can help anyone who’s on the road already or those who just don’t know where to start!

Join us on our journey and see the world through our eyes.



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