Backpacking packing guide


What we packed for a year on the road

How much stuff do you use in a year? A lot, right? Now imagine condensing everything you could possibly need over the next 12 months into a travel-friendly, transportable bundle. I know, it sounds extremely daunting. This guide is going to run through everything we have packed for our year long journey around the world.

Whilst packing we have tried to stick to 3 golden rules –

  1. Lay out what you want to take and then half it.
  2. Pack what you know you’ll need, not what you think may be handy.
  3. There’s very little that you can’t get along the way.

So with that said, lets have a look at what we’ll be carrying around with us -

Matt’s packing list

1 x 65L Berghaus Trailhead backpack

1 x 15L day use backpack

7 x T-shirts

3 x vests

1 x hoody

1 x long sleeve jumper

1 x dress shirt

1 x compact rain mac

2 x shorts

2 x swim shorts

1 x pair of jeans

1 x belt

7 x pairs of boxers

5 x pairs of ankle socks

1 x pair full length socks

1 x pair or trainers

1 x pair of sandals

2 x hats

2 x sunglasses

1 x microfiber towel


lagoon with a view

1 x Macbook Air and charger

1 x iPad and charger

1 x bluetooth keyboard (for ipad) and spare batteries

1 x GoPro hero 5 session

1 x GoPro hero 5 black

1 x external hard drive (1 TB) and Micro SD cards

1 x joby gorilla pod

1 x GoPro selfie stick

2 x iPhone 6s & headphones

1 x small portable speaker

1 x portable charger




Immodium (Diarrhoea)

Diurlyte (Rehydration satchets)

Rennie (Indigestion/Heartburn)


Travel sickness tablets

Mild sleeping tablets

Anti-malaria tablets

Anti-bacterial cream

Tilbe’s packing list

Lagoon with a view

1 x 60L Berghaus Trailhead backpack

1 x 15L day use backpack

1 x hat   3 x sunglasses

1 x small cross body bag and purse

5 x t-shirts     2 x crop tops

5 x strappy top (singlets)

1 x sweat shirt

1 x long sleeve under top

1 x long sleeve thin shirt

1 x rain coat

3 x pairs denim shorts

1 x pair jeans   1 x pair thin trousers

1 x dress

1 x sport bra   3 x bikinis

1 x pair of vans trainers

1 x pair flip flops

3 x bras (black,white,cream)

7 x pairs underwear

7 x pairs socks (mix of black and white)

1 x microfibre towel

Wash bag for sharing

1 x hair brush

1 x nail clippers

1 x pack razors

1 x bio oil

1 x face moisturiser

1 x face wash

2 x deodorant

1 x two in one shampoo/conditioner

1 x shower gel

2 x toothbrush

1 x toothpaste

2 x suncream (SPF 30 and 50)

1 x after sun

1 x wet wipes

Make up bag

1 x mascara

1 x concealer

1 x blusher/bronzer

1 x eyeliner pencil

1 x nail polish

1 x vaseline for lips

Assorted hair bands and hair clips


5 x copies of passports plus electronic

Vaccination certificate (original and copies)

Travel insurance

1 x skipping rope

2 x travel pillows

2 x eye masks

4 x combination padlocks

Ear plugs

Travel adaptors

USB adaptors

So there you have it! It may sound a lot but these are, in our opinion, the bare essentials and the most important necessities that we are taking with us.

Undoubtedly there will be a few items which we haven’t anticipated needing and also some things we have packed which have turned out to be unnecessary. To prevent you from making the same mistakes our plan is to publish an updated itinerary every 6-8 weeks.

Have mercy on our shoulders!