Things to do in Mexico City


The behemoth that is Mexico City is home to some 22 million people. Nearly three times as many as London. The city has a reputation for being dirty, congested and dangerous. But the truth is Mexico City is a wonderful place to explore. Embrace the crazy and lose yourself in the adventure within. Mexico City is truly one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Things to in Mexico city

How to get there?

From San Cristobal - A flight with Viva Aerobus costs around 850 MXN (£34.70). Taking the bus will cost you around 600-650 MXN (£24.50-26.55) but takes nearly 13 hours compared to 2 on the plane.

Things to do in Mexico City #1 - Eat till you pop

We're big foodies, and if theirs one thing that unties the entirety of Mexico, it's a love for food. You'll find street food vendors everywhere and at all hours. Food in Mexico is fast, cheap, spicy and delicious. The obvious place to start is tacos. Beef, chorizo, chicken, cactus or cheese served a little tortilla. Add on onions and your salsa of choice and enjoy. You'll pay between 5-25 MXN (£0.20-£1) per taco - just remember, you get what you pay for. Be sure to also try mole, pozole and molote, and when you're ready for dessert, head to El Moro for the best churros in the city.

Things to do in Mexico City
Things to do in Mexico City

Things to do in Mexico City #2 - Get some ink

One thing you'll notice throughout Latin America is a love for tattoos, and Mexico City is no different. Not only are tattoos hugely popular amongst people from all walks of life, but they carry a cultural significance dating back to the Maya and Aztec times. With such a demand for top quality tattoos only top quality artists will do. That's where BlackFlag Crew comes in. If you're looking to add to your collection, commemorate your trip or even get your first tattoo, these guys will take great care of you. They are extremely talented, friendly and professional, and we walked away with two amazing little tokens which will forever leave Mexico in our hearts and on our skin.

Things to do in Mexico City

Things to do in Mexico City #3 - Check out the pyramids at Teotihuacan

This pre-Hispanic city is an archeological complex with dates back to 100 BC. Piramide del Sol (Pyramid of the sun) and Piramide de la Luna (Pyrmaid of the moon) dominate the site and are connected by Avenida de los muertos (Avenue of the dead). Once home to over 130,000 people these awesome pyramids are now one of the most frequently visited sites in the entire region so you're best to avoid visiting on a weekend if at all possible. To help care for the site and maintain its excellent condition there is a 70 MXN (£2.85) entry fee.

Things to do in Mexico City

Things to do in Mexico City #4 -Take a road trip to Puebla

The beautiful Puebla is about a two hour drive outside of Mexico City and is a lot less chaotic. In essence it is just another city, but it is well worth staying for a night or two. Check out the colonial buildings, explore the markets and, of course, eat. The main square in front of the church is a lovely place to relax in the evenings and listen to some local music.

Things to in Mexico City

Things to do in Mexico City
Things to do in Mexico City

Things to do in Mexico City #5 - A church on a pyramid

You'll find the charming little town of Cholula only a twenty minute drive away from Puebla. The main reason you'll visit Cholula is for the spectacle of a church on a pyramid. The great pyramid of Tlachihualtepetl was once one of the largest in the world but is now largely covered in vegetation and, at the top, sits la Iglesias de Nuestra Senora de los Remedios (Our Lady of Remedies Church). There are some wonderful views to be enjoyed from the top and, when you're finished, be sure to head down to Cholula's central market a few blocks away.

Things to in Mexico City

Things to do in Mexico City #6 - Explore Centro Historico

The Historic Centre is a UNESCO listed site in the heart of Mexico City. And, at the heart of Centro Historico is the Zocalo main square. In the square you'll find Latin America's largest cathedral which is truly a marvellous sight to behold. If you're in luck you may just find yourself there when there is a free concert or performance of sorts.

Things to do in Mexico City

Things to do in Mexico City #7 - Xochimilco

Whilst this may be a bit of a gimmick it is still very entertaining and offers an interesting insight into how everyday life was back in the days when Mexico City was an island. It is made up of a series of canals and small rivers running around floating islands. Take a ride on one of the dozens of colourful boats and get serenaded by the mariachi bands. In the evening some of the party boats come out to play where you can get unlimited drinks included in your ticket.

Things to do in Mexico City #8 - Take in the view from the Latin America Tower

The Torre Latino offers the best view of the city. This skyscraper is found in downtown and is one of the most important landmarks in the city. You can enjoy the view from the viewing deck for a small fee or, if you head up to the bar, you can enjoy if for the price of a beer.


Where to stay in Mexico City

For our stay in Mexico City we chose Hotel Costazul. Centrally located and just a stones throw away from the metro, this place was perfect for our time in the city. A big and comfortable double room for 450 MXN (£18.35), considering the location, is an absolute bargain. 24 hour reception with great knowledge of the city and super fast WiFi. Definitely worth checking out.

Where to next

Caribbean Coast - We took a flight to Cancun with Aero Mexico for 1,100 MXN (£44.90)

Things to do in Mexico City

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